American Red Cross

You have reached this page because the Enterprise Portal (RC View) was Decommissioned on Sunday, June 30, 2024

The Enterprise Portal (RC View) has been replaced by ArcGIS Online (AGOL)

Effective May 1, 2024: All Online mapping content for Active Gray-Sky Operations and Blue-Sky Projects must utilize RC View on ArcGIS Online.

  • The Viewer license is available for Users with a business need to view internal, proprietary or confidential content.  Viewers cannot create, update or save Maps/Apps or use Survey 123 for field data collection.
  • The Creator license is available for Users with a business need to create, update or modify content for active Gray-Sky Operations or Blue-Sky Projects.
  • The Creator Data Editor license is available for Field Workers, such as DA, using Survey123 but Do Not meet the criteria for a pre-assigned Creator account. Temporary DR-specific pool accounts will be provisioned for each Field worker at the time of a DRO. Please Do Not request access now.

  • To request a Viewer license, please complete the request form with your Regions approval: Viewer Access Request Form
  • To request a Creator license, please contact with a detailed justification including prior experience.

Please note that the organization does incur a cost for each license, so please request only if you have a business need for regular access.

Please Do Not open an IT service request ticket.