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Current & Forecast Weather
Weather Outlooks
Severe Weather
Climate & Air Quality
Tropical Weather
Current & Forecast Weather
Surface Observations
Today's Forecast
NOAA - Current Surface Observations
12 Hours |  24 Hours |  36 Hours |  48 Hours
Day 3 |  Day 4 |  Day 5 |  Day 6
NOAA - Short Range Forecast Loop
NOAA - 7 Day Forecast Loop
NOAA - Map Legend
Surface Weahter Charts
NOAA - Surface Weather Charts
NOAA - CONUS Surface Weather
Day 3 |  Day 4 |  Day 5 |  Day 6 |  Day 7
NOAA - 7 Day Surface Pressure/Fronts (Loop)
NOAA - Surface Weather Manual
Today's Forecast
NOAA - Current Surface Analysis Loop
Surface Weahter Charts
NOAA - Current Surface Analysis w/ RADAR Loop
Watches & Warnings
Warnings & Forecasts Graphical Forecasts National Maps Radar Rivers Air Quality Satellite Climate
NOAA - Active Watches, Warnings & Advisories by WFO
IWIN watches, warnings, statements and advisories issued by State
NOAA - Active Watches, Warnings & Advisories by State
Surface Lows
Operational Significant Event Imagery
NOAA - Current Surface Low Positions
Operational Significant Event Imagery
NOAA - Forecast Surface Low Positions
Composite RADAR
NOAA - Maximum Daytime Temperature
Day 3 |  Day 4 |  Day 5 |  Day 6 |  Day 7
Alaska |  Hawaii |  Guam |  Puerto Rico
Operational Significant Event Imagery
NOAA - Minimum Overnight Temperature
Day 3 |  Day 4 |  Day 5 |  Day 6 |  Day 7
Alaska |  Hawaii |  Guam |  Puerto Rico
Composite RADAR
NOAA - Chance of Precipitation
Day 3 |  Day 4 |  Day 5 |  Day 6 |  Day 7
Alaska |  Hawaii |  Guam |  Puerto Rico
Operational Significant Event Imagery
NOAA - Precipitation Amount
Alaska |  Hawaii |  Guam |  Puerto Rico
Other Weather
Composite RADAR
NOAA - Predominant Weather
Alaska |  Hawaii |  Guam |  Puerto Rico
Operational Significant Event Imagery
NOAA - Wind Speed & Direction
Alaska |  Hawaii |  Guam |  Puerto Rico
Surface Low Tracks
NOAA - CONUS Infrared Image
GOES Northern Hemisphere Infrared Composite
NOAA - CONUS Visable Image
American Samoa IR
NOAA - CONUS Water Vapor Image
Alaska IR
Alaska IR Satellite
Hawaii IR
Hawaii IR Satellite
Guam IR Satellite
American Samoa IR
Am Samoa IR Satellite
Puerto Rico R CONUS
Puerto Rico IR Satellite
Composite RADAR
Guam |  Puerto Rico
Go to the Alaska sector
Go to the Hawaii sector
Go to the Pacific Northwest sector
Pacific Northwest
Pacific Southwest
Go to the Pacific Southwest sector
Go to the Northern Rockies sector
Northern Rockies
Southern Rockies
Go to the Southern Rockies sector
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Upper MS Valley
Southern Plains
Go to the South Plains sector
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Central Great Lakes
Southern MS Valley
Go to the Southern Mississippi Valley sector
Go to the Northeast sector
Go to the Southeast sector
NOAA - Additional Forecast Products:
Travelers Forecast |  Enhanced Forecast/Outlook |  Short Term Forecast |  Special Weather Statement
Short Range Forecasts |  Medium Range Forecasts |  Daily Weather Map

Weather Outlooks
Day 3 - 7 U.S. Hazards Outlook
NOAA - Day 3 - 7 U.S. Hazards Outlook
Composite RADAR
NOAA - 6 - 10 Day Temperature Outlook
Operational Significant Event Imagery
NOAA - 6 - 10 Day Precipitation Outlook
Day 3 - 7 U.S. Hazards Outlook
NOAA - Day 8 - 14 U.S. Hazards Outlook
Composite RADAR
NOAA - 8 - 14 Day Temperature Outlook
Operational Significant Event Imagery
NOAA -8 - 14 Day Precipitation Outlook
NOAA - Additional Outlook Products:
One Month Outlook | U.S. Hazards Outlook | Climate Prediction Center Outlooks

Severe Weather
Current Severe Weather
Current Convective Watches
Current Convective Watch
Today's severe weather outlook
Today's Severe Weather Outlook
Current Convective Watches
Thunderstorm Outlook
Today's  Mesoscale Discussion
Current Mesoscale Discussion
Storm Reports
Today's storm reports received in the past 3 hours
Today's Storm Reports (last 3 hours)
Today's storm reports since 6am
Today's Storm Reports (since 6AM CST/7AM CDT)
Convective Outlooks
One Day Outlook
Day 1 Convective Outlook
Two Day Outlook
Day 2 Convective Outlook
Three Day Outlook
Day 3 Convective Outlook
Five Day Outlook
Day 4 - 8 Convective Outlook
NOAA - Additional Severe Weather Products:
Yesterday's Storm Reports |  Local Storm Reports |  Additional QPF's
Tornado Warnings |  Severe Thunderstorm Warnings
Public Severe Weather Outlook |  Severe Weather Statement |  Hazarous Weather Outlook
U.S. Tornado Enviornment Browser

Current Flood Information
Significant River Flood Outlook
NOAA - Significant River Flood Outlook
WaterWatch -- Current High Flow Conditions
USGS - Flood and High Flow Conditions
National Weather Service -- Rivers
NWS - Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (AHPS)
WaterWatch -- Current Water Resource Conditions
USGS - Real Time Water Data
Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts (QPF)
Day 1 QPF
NOAA - Day One Rainfall Forecast (QPF)
Day 2 QPF
NOAA - Day Two Rainfall Forecast (QPF)
Day 3 QPF
NOAA - Day Three Rainfall Forecast (QPF)
Day 3 QPF
NOAA - 5 - Day Rainfall Forecast (QPF)
NOAA Excessive Rainfall Potential
NWS - Excessive Rainfall Potential
Daily Rainfall Accumulation
NWS - Daily Rainfall Accumulation
CoCoRaHS - Daily Precipitation
Drought Information
Below normal 7-day average streamflow
USGS - Below normal 7-day average streamflow
US Drought Monitor
USDA - U.S. Drought Monitor
NOAA - Additional Flood Outlook Products:
Excessive Rainfall Discussion |  Flash Flood Warnings |  Probabilistic Precipitation Guidance |  Hydrologic Outlook |  Hydrometeorological Discussion

Fire Weather Forecasts
NWS - Day 1 Fire Weather Outlook
WaterWatch -- Current water resources conditions
SPC - Day 1 Fire Weather Analysis
Fire Weather Forecasts
NWS - Day 2 Fire Weather Outlook
WaterWatch -- Current water resources conditions
NWS - Day 3 - 8 Fire Weather Outlook
NOAA - Additional Wildfire Products:
Fire Weather |  Fire Dange Indices |  Fire Weather Notification |  Fire Weather Observations |  Fire Weather Spot Reports

Recent Earthquakes
USGS - Recent Earthquakes
Did You Feel It?
Did You Feel It?
NOAA - Additional Earthquake Products:
USGS - PAGER | Earthquake Reports

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center
Pacific Tsunami Warning Center
NOAA - Additional Tsumani Products:
Tsumani Warnings | West Coast & Alaska Tsunami Warning Center

Climate & Air Quality
Drought Information
US Drought Monitor
USDA - U.S. Drought Monitor
The Latest Seasonal Outlook
NOAA - U.S. Seasonal Drought Outlook
Keetch-Byram Drought Index
WFAS - Keetch-Byram Drought Index
Palmer Drought Severity Index
NOAA - Palmer Drought Severity Index
UV Information
NOAA Experimental UV Alert Forecast Map
NOAA - UV Alert Forecast Map
Current UV Index
NOAA - Current UV Index
Air Quality & Heat
National Outlook for Air Quality
Air Quality Forecast
Daily Maximum Heat Index Maps
NOAA - Heat Index Chart | Daily Maximums
Upper Atmosphere
Total Ozone
NASA - Total Ozone
Additional Climate Products:
NOAA Air Quality |  Air Quality Weather Summary |  Air Quality Graphic Forecasts
Today's UV Forecast Map |  UV Alert Forecast Map |  Heat Index Forecasts
National Integrated Drought Information System
Additional Weather & Hazard Resources
General Weather
National Weather Service (NWS) - Main Weather Page
NWS - Graphical Forecasts
NWS - Enhanced Data Display
NWS - nowCOAST Data Display
NOAA Daily Briefing
NOAA Daily Forecast Discussion
NWS Weather Prediction Center (WPC)
The Weather Channel - General Weather
The Weather Channel - National Daily Forecast
NOAA Weather Radio
NWS - Weather Centers

Additional General Weather Links
General Weather Maps
Interactive Web APP
Interactive Web MAP

Severe Weather
NWS - Storm Prediction Center (SPC)
NWS/SPC - Convective Outlooks
NWS/SPC - Severe Storm Reports
Severe Weather Hazard Mapping
Additional Severe Weather Links
NWS - Weather Prediction Center (WPC) - Flood Outlook
NWS - Hydrologic Information Center (HIC)
NWS/WPC - Quantitative Precipitation Forecast (QPF)
NWS/WPC - Excessive Rainfall Forecast
USACE - River Gauges
EPA - Surf Your Watershed
NWS - AHPS by State



NWS - AHPS by Water Region

NWS - River Forecast Centers

NOAA - CoCoRaHS Rain Network
Dartmouth Flood Observatory
Flood Hazard Mapping
Additional Flood Links
Tropical Weather
Tropical Map and Graphic Links
Hurricane Hazard Mapping
Additional Tropical Links
National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC)
National Incident Information System
NIFC - National Interagency Coordination Center
NIFC - Current Wildland Fire Information
NIFC - Predictive Services
U.S. Forest Service - Wildland Fire Assessment System
Cal Fire
Wildfire Hazard Mapping
Additional Wildfire Links
USGS - National Earthquake Information Center
USGS - Earthquake Maps
USGS - Earthquake Hazards Program
Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology - Seismic Monitor
Central United States Earthquake Consortium (CUSEC)
USGS - Shake Maps by Region
Earthquake Hazard Mapping
Additional Earthquake Links
PTWC - Pacific Ocean
PTWC - Hawaii
PTWC - Caribbean
NOAA - Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) - Tsunami Research
International Tsunami Info Center
Tsunami Hazard Mapping
Additional Tsunami Links
USGS - Landslide Hazards
USGS - National Landslide Information Center
Landslide Hazard Mapping
Additional Landslide Links
Winter Weather
NWS - Winter Weather Forecasts
National Snow & Ice Data Center
NWS - National Snow Analysis
USDA - Western U.S. Snow Data
Additional Winter Weather Links
Excessive Heat
NWS/wpc - Excessive Heat Index
Additional Excessive Heat Links
USGS - U.S. Volcano Hazards Program
USGS - Cascades Volcano Observatory
USGS/Smithsonian Institute - Global Volcanism Program
Anchorage Volcanic Ash Reports
Washington Volcanic Ash Reports
Volcano Hazard Mapping
Additional Volcano Links
U.S. & Canada Avalanche Forecasts
U.S. Forest Service - National Avalanche Center
Avalanche & Weather Conditions
Additional Avalanche Links
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) - Office of HazMat Safety
USDOT - Emergency Response Guidebook (HazMat)
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) - Emergency Preparedness
Health & Human Services (HHS) - Disaster & Emergency Resources
EPA - Environmental Response Team
NOAA - Office of Response & Restoration
Additional HazMat Links
Tides, Oceans & Lakes
NWS Climate Prediction Center - Atlantic Sea Surface Temps
NOAA - National Buoy Data
NOAA - Water Level & Tides
NOAA - Great Lakes Coast Watch
NOS Water Level Observation Network
Additional Tides, Oceans & Lakes Links
NOAA U.S. Drought Monitor
Climate Prediction Center
Additional Climate Links
Air Quality
Air Quality Weather Summary
Air Quality Graphic Forecasts
Additional Air Quality Links
Space Weather
NOAA - Space Weather Alerts
NOAA - Space Weather Now
El Niño/Southern Oscillation (ENSO)
ENSO Current Conditions
ENSO Advisories
Today's El Niño/La Niña Information
El Niño Information
International Weather
Center for Ocean-Land Atmosphere Studies - International Weather
U.N. World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
U.N. WMO - Severe World Weather
Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS)
Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC)
Weather.Org - World Weather
NCEP Newsletter
NOAA AWARE Newsletter
NOAA Weather Brochures
Jetstream Weather School
NOAA Glossary
NOAA Library